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California State University Stannis is the only school in the California State University system with a bachelor’s degree in cognitive research.
California State University’s Stanislaus is ranked in the top ten in the recent US World and News coverage of the West Coast Masters Public Universities Rankings, and the school is one of the best universities in the past seven years. California State University, Stanislaus, is a public institution of higher learning. The school is known for its close to the student’s campus atmosphere and excellent teaching quality. The school has the advantages that all private institutions can bring to students. The school has a liberal arts college, a business management college, a college of education, a humanities and health college, a humanities and social sciences college, and a natural sciences college. The school has a bachelor’s degree in literature, science, business, and education, as well as a diploma in teacher certificates. Master’s degree and other professional research courses.
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Undergraduate: Law, Engineering, Management, Education, Economics, Science, History, Agriculture, Literature, Medicine, Philosophy
Master: Law, Management, Education, Science, History, Literature, Medicine
Doctor: Education
MBA: Management, Economics
Foundation: Education, Medicine
Language Center: Literature
Postgraduate Certificates and Diplomas: Education, Literature, Medicine


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