Buy registered ITIL certification without exam, Buy real and ITIL certification without exam, Buy fake ITIL certification online
Buy registered ITIL certification without exam, Buy real and ITIL certification without exam, Buy fake ITIL certification online

Buy registered ITIL certification without exam, Buy real and ITIL certification without exam, Buy fake ITIL certification online



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ITIL Certification

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Buy registered ITIL certification without exam, Buy real and ITIL certification without exam, Buy fake ITIL certification online

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ITIL Certification

ITIL 4 Formation

USD 1600$ in one payment

IT4 Specialist: Create, Deliver & Support

USD 2000$ in one payment

IT4 Specialist: Direct, Plan & Improve

USD 2000$ in one payment

IT4 Specialist: Derive Stakeholder Value

USD 2000$ in 1 payment

IT4 Specialist: High-Velocity IT

USD 2000$ in one payment

IT4 Leader & Digital Strategy

USD 2000$ in one payment

ITL4 Managing Professional

USD 8000$ in one payment

IT4 Strategy Specialist

USD 4000$ in 2 payment

ITIL Practitioner

USD 1800$ in one payment

ITIL Intermediate- Serving Strategy

USD 1800$ in one payment

ITL Intermediate- IT Planning, Protection & Optimization

USD 1800$ in one payment

ITIL Managing Across the Life Cycle

USD 1800$ in one payment

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1. 312-50 USD$2000

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ITIL Definition (Information Technology-Infrastructure Library) is the world’s most notable IT service management framework. It entails a lifecycle of modules that define best practices and ITIL processes in the design, development, delivery, and support of IT services.

What is ITIL Certification

ITIL prides itself as the best solution to IT services, globally. ITIL v3 certification offers professionals a comprehensive set of regulations – in both the public and private sectors. It is primarily designed to offer world standard IT services and optimize business value.

Levels Of ITIL Certification

Demand for ITIL certification keeps rising. The qualification schedule offer professionals a customized approach to ITIL 2011 certification.

The scheme captures a line of training that covers several areas of ITIL best practices in-depth. The ITIL Qualification Scheme comprises of five different levels, as briefly discussed below:

Foundation Level –This is ITIL certification entry-level. It equips you with basic terminologies and concepts, as well as elements of the ITIL course.

The Foundation level accepts anybody – no qualification is needed to sit for the Foundation exam.

ITIL Practitioner Level – This level deals with adapting and adopting the ITIL framework in organizational settings.

Although this certification is not a requirement to attain higher levels in the ITIL certification series, you will earn 3 credits – a basic requirement for the Expert Level.

Intermediate Level – This level involves a modular structure that introduces IT Service Management.

You must have obtained IT service management experience for two years minimum, as well as certified ITIL training.

Expert Level – The Expert level is tagged as the most critical level in the ITIL process certification series. This level captures those with interest for in-depth knowledge of the ITIL Scheme.

A certificate is awarded to persons who successfully complete this ITIL qualification level – a requirement for the ITIL Master level.

Qualification for an ITIL expert requires a minimum of 17 credits accumulated from the preceding modules. You must also pass the Managing Across-Lifecycle (MALC) test, bringing your total credits to 22 – the minimum requirement for the Masters Level.

Master Level – Here is the pinnacle. To be qualified for this level, candidates will explain and convincingly prove to a panel of experienced IT moguls, how they pick and apply a set of ITIL-base methods, techniques, and principles in achieving specific results in given assignments.

Opting for ITIL Master costs an average of $4,000. The amount is paid on acceptance of your application. Obtaining this certification places you at the zenith of your achievement in the ITIL exam.

Benefits of ITIL Certification

• An ITIL certification equips you with robust IT Management knowledge.

• IT places you in a better position for jobs with higher prospects.

• Your ITIL certificate makes you a globally certified and recognized IT expert.

• It equips you with best practices and places you as a key player in any organization you find yourself globally. Impressive right?

• It strengthens and provides a solid foundation for your career path

Average Salary Of AN ITIL Expert

Is the cost of ITIL Certification worth it? This is a common question among people who consider a career path in ITIL. Average salary strictures quoted from several sources will help give an unbiased answer:

USA – Systems Administrators of IT Operations and Help Desk are on an average salary range of $75,436 annually
Incident managers earn about $80,357 per year.

India – If you wish to use your ITIL certification in India, as an Incident Manager, you will earn an average of between Rs. 3, 00,639 and Rs 10, 31,603.

Australia – In Australia, IT consultants ear anywhere between AU $58, 305 and AU$128,276

UK – A United Kingdom base IT Manager could get between £29,844 – £66,430.

Now, do you think taking an ITIL training course is worth it?

Before you answer that, let’s see some benefits of pursuing an ITIL certification.

How Much Does ITIL Certification Cost?

ITIL certification cost is not fixed – it varies from place to place. The country you’re sitting for the exams determines the cost.

However, candidates pay somewhere between $150 and $500 for the ITIL certification exam.

Besides this exam registration cost, you may pay some professional agencies to get you prepared for the exam. This cost is also determined by the institute you register with for the tutelage. Such courses, in most cases, range between $500 and $1000.

That said, kindly note that paying for additional preparation is not compulsory – you can still pass the exams with your personal reparation.

Get ITIL Certified Today

Getting certified in any of the five ITIL levels of mastery comes with a lot of benefits. Starting from the foundational courses would help become better grounded in anything related to IT service – from the rudiments through to the highest level of mastery – Master Level.

The skills will not only give you a great leap to getting your dream big job, but it will also make you an indispensable player in any organization you find your self – anywhere in the world.

ITIL Certification is Seamless with Exelon

Wondering how to get started? is your trusted assistant. They will hold you by the hand and take you through all the steps, bit-by-bit and make it all seamless. You are a click away from beginning your walk on the path of ITIL certification.

See you at the top!

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Investing in a recognized IT certification is important in pushing your career in the right direction. It is simple if you know the right people to help you do exactly this.

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Buy registered ITIL certification without exam, Buy real and ITIL certification without exam, Buy fake ITIL certification online

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