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The University of Manchester enjoys a high reputation in the UK and around the world: 2020 QS World University ranks 6th in the UK, 27th in the world (26th in the world), 2019 Thames Higher Education World University Ranking (THE) Ranked 8th in the UK and 57th in the world. In 2019, USNews World University ranked 7th in the UK and 58th in the world. In 2018, the World University Academic Ranking (ARWU) ranked 6th in the UK and 34th in the world.

In the 2014 UK Research Organization’s Research Excellence Framework (REF) assessment, the University of Manchester ranked 5th in the UK in terms of overall strength. The European University’s “Excellence Ranking” (CHE), published at the International Centre for Higher Education Development (CHE) in Germany in 2010 (CHE)
In Excellenceranking, Manda is one of the only seven universities in Europe (Biology, Chemistry, Economics, Mathematics, Physics, Politics, Psychology) that are rated as “excellent”. The Sunday Times commented: “The University of Manchester has a respectable reputation in almost all disciplines, with life sciences, engineering, humanities, economics, sociology and social sciences as the most important.”


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