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The University of Adelaide Library is the largest library in South Australia and the main library of the University of Adelaide. Buy the University of AdelaideIt transcript, how much for the University of Adelaide transcript, where to get The University of Adelaide transcript, order the Australia University transcript, is the main source of information for teachers and students. The main library is the Barr Smith Library, located on the North Terrace campus, named after Robert Barr Smith, the early generous sponsor of the University of Adelaide. The Barr Smith Library is the University of Adelaide. 85% of teachers and students serve. The library was donated to commemorate Robert Barr Smith, who donated £9,000 to fund the school.

In the book 1920, the Barr Smith family donated an additional £11,000 to the university in 1978. His son, Tom Elder Barr Smith, offered a £30,000 contribution to BarrSmith for the school’s new library.
The school has contact agencies in some countries to provide assistance to overseas students, such as pick-up, registration, application for scholarships, contact with accommodation and providing cultural and social support. The Overseas Student Association provides social and cultural assistance to all overseas students.


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