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The University of Waterloo’s main campus is located in Canada’s Great Lakes region, Waterloo, Ontario (geographical coordinates 43.28’14″N, 80.32’50” W), only 2 hours drive from Toronto and 1.5 hours drive from Niagara Falls. Before the 1960s, the city of Waterloo was mainly farmland. From its development, commercial and residential construction is near the Waterloo campus. Many famous offices and high-tech companies are located in this area. This is a safe, friendly and clean medium-sized city that provides students with a good learning and living environment. .
The University of Waterloo has the largest engineering department in Canada, the largest actuarial course in North America, the world’s most concentrated quantitative information research center, the number one psychology department in Canada, the world’s first human motion department, and Canada’s only English teaching vision school. The world’s largest higher education convergence project. According to Maclean’s reputation, in the past 20 years, 20 of the top universities in Canada have been selected for the most innovative, 18 times for the best overall, and 14 for tomorrow’s leaders. In 2010, a total of 4,450 bachelor’s degrees were awarded, 1276. With a master’s degree and 237 doctoral degrees, graduates with knowledge, skills and practical experience can cope with the complex and pressing issues of today’s world and face unknown challenges.
Chartered Accountancy is the most famous of the many business majors in Canada. It is the highest rate of professionalism in Canada through the Chartered Accountant Express.
Bill Gates, the former chairman of Microsoft, visited the University of Waterloo in the fall of 2005 and gave a speech. The University of Waterloo is also the only university he visited in Canada. In the speech, Bill Gates mentioned that the University of Waterloo was once the university where Microsoft hired the most graduates around the world.


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