Western European Savings Bank Account

This Western European bank account is by far our customers favorite. Set up time is very fast. Your bank account number with pin codes and full details are dispatched the same day your application is received by the bank and your payment cleared.

For a nominal fee, Privacy World will supply you with a European bank savings account, including swift transfers, with Internet and TELE-BANKING, PLUS a Prepaid credit card or an ATM card (security deposit required.)

Do your banking business anonymously via an encrypted Internet connection or by phone with a secret code word you alone establish. This savings bank account is yours in just days. No need to travel to open your account. We do everything for you guaranteed, or your money back if we fail to deliver.

Account can be opened in EUR, USD, GBP, CHF, AUD, NZD, CD, YEN or most any other currency. You can make deposits by cheque, bankers drafts, international money orders, bank wire, swift or by cash if you deposit it in person.

In addition to operating your account by phone, fax or the Internet, you can use wire transfers or cheque’s into and out of your account. A special “banking mail accommodation address with contact telephone number” for one year with mail receiving and forwarding facilities can be acquired for a small extra fee at time of purchase. Just let us know if you require this service at time of ordering. All of the above is yours for a remarkably low cost.

Just a €1,000 introduction fee (accommodation address extra,) plus a minimum opening balance €1,000 or equivalent in other currency, which you remit direct to the bank by a bank wire. You set the limit. (Copy of notarized passport required.)

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Application Form.

Last Name:

First Name:

Middle Name:

Birth Date (Month, Day , Date):

Passport number:



Country of residency:


Postal Code:


E-mail address:

Telephone number including country and city code:

Married/single or divorced:

Preferred currency for your account (Note if you do not choose, you automatically get a Euro account.)

Job: self employed or work for a third party


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