Totally Anonymous Company & Bank Account Package

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Totally Anonymous Company & Bank Account Package
Privacy World offers a top of the line totally anonymous nominee share company bank account with internet banking and a debit card in a privacy friendly jurisdiction with absolutely NO ID, NO utility bill, NO references required.
This strong and safe bank offers easy to use swift bank wires in going and outgoing ability plus an ATM debit card. The attorney servicing your bank and banks customer service is top notch, amongst the best we’ve experienced in a good while! Set up time is very fast indeed as our leprechaun has taken all the hassles of you getting started.
Taxation – International Business Companies are not subject to taxation within the host country so long as you conduct business OUTSIDE the country.
Restrictions on Name and Activity – An off the self bearer share company is selected for this nominee share company account.
Bank requires a USD 100 opening deposit as soon as your account is opened in order for you to receive their valuable debit card.
Documents and Information Required:
No ID, utility bill or references are required. Just your order, payment an an email address to be attached to your account is all that is necessary
Time Frame – The whole processes for this setup is normally completed in around 8 working weeks plus or minus respectively.
This program” includes:
*Company & company bank account owned with your attorney acting as the shareholder and the director.
* You hold all company papers and have internet banking
* Internet banking comes with codes for secure online access.
* Valuable company name debit card issued by the bank.
In a nutshell you have an Central American nominee share company. The CA companies have nominee shares not bearer shares. But the shares are not registered into any public office in the host or any other country. The attorney keeps that information reserved for the client in the attorney’s private files.
The attorney provides the nominee director. The director only can act on behalf of the client (shareholder) by authorization. If the client wants to be the director, his name will be registered into the governments Commercial Registry. We don’t recommend this for obvious reasons, as you’d lose your anonymity! It is better if the attorney puts the director like in the rest of the corporations that they run.
The country has asset protection laws, of course: where the local banks will not give any bank account assets to anyone unless by that county’s court order involving only a case that is against the countries laws and local Judges. The country has such protection laws.
Our long term and reliable solicitor (lawyer) in this Central American country sets everything up for you. At no time is there any ID, Passport copy, utility bill or bank reference letter and other such nonsense requested or required from you for this Central American company and bank account. You read that right; NO ID is ever required from you. No one, not the Central American bank, only the Central American lawyer who sets this up ever knows your identity and location or any other details about you other than an email address you provide for this service.
The internet banking codes are emailed to you encrypted. Once you receive them you simply log onto the bank’s online banking site and change the password and viola, there you are! Full instruction come in Spanish with easy to follow English translation.
A company name ATM debit card is also included and can be dispatched to you anywhere in the world as you instruct. We suggest, however, that you obtain or have us obtain on your behalf, a mail accommodation address outside your home country for accepting your ATM card and company papers for additional privacy.
We trust you understand that due the sensitive nature of this unique product we are unable to disclose the name of the Central American country where this bank and company will be located until your paid order is received. Please respect this policy as we are not interested in having some jerk ruin this opportunity for the rest of us. Note that the country is NOT Panama nor Belize.
Privacy and anonymity has its price and set up time take can take two months plus until you are up and running. Frankly this setup is not cheap. However do ask yourself what price do you place on being able to legally bank offshore without having to file reports and have your name, details and account reported to the authorities?

Your first years govt and resident agent fees are included with your order. Your annual govt and resident agent fees yearly thereafter is US$1,200.
Setup time is approximately 8 weeks, plus or minus.
Anonymity has a cost and set up time take can take one or two months until you’re up and running.
So ask yourself what price do you place on being able to legally bank offshore without having to file reports and have your account reported to the authorities?
The cost for the Central American nominee share company and Central American company bank account is Eur 7,999, and your account setup is available to you in your company bank account as soon as its opened.

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