Make A UChicago Diploma


On the morning of November 1, 2015, the “First Chicago University Business School China Summit Forum” was held in Shanghai. During the period, the University of Chicago alumnus, how to buy UChicago diploma, where to buy the University of Chicago degree, which country provides USA university transcript, how much for an American university certificate. Mr. Chen Liguang, the chairman of Huarui Century Group, donated US$2 million to the University of Chicago to establish the “Chen Liguang Scholarship Fund of the University of Chicago. In 2018, Chen Liguang alumni once again donated 10 million US dollars to the University of Chicago to set up a scholarship to support Chinese students. buy a diploma, buy degrees, get a certificate, make a false transcript.

The University of Chicago Business School is leading the way in business research using a pedagogy approach that has been followed by other business schools. The academic independence of business schools, the teaching methods emphasize the theoretical foundation, and the Harvard Business School’s case teaching is in stark contrast.


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