How To Get A TAFE Degree?



Australia’s TAFE diploma is widely recognized by various industries, employers and universities, such as two international students, one is a university graduate, and the other is a TAFE college graduate. Is it possible to get a TAFE degree? how to get a Technical And Further Education certificate, order a TAFE transcript in Australia, which website provides diploma, where can make a degree in three days. In the same position, the boss chooses a balance that prefers the latter because TAFE graduates receive vocational education that they apply to, and the advantage of undergraduate students lies in the theoretical aspect.

In terms of TAFE’s entry requirements, Chinese secondary school, technical school, and vocational school graduates can directly enter the TAFE course as long as they have an IELTS score of 5.5. If the English score is not satisfactory, you can still study English in the language center of TAFE, and then take the mainstream course. For an Australian undergraduate degree, IELTS requires a total score of 6.0.


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