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Founded in 1966, Flinders University is named after the British navigator Matthew Flinders who explored the South Australian coast in 1802. It is a vibrant, modern and enterprising university. The modern university is known worldwide for its outstanding teaching and research work, and Flinders University’s nursing profession enjoys a top reputation in the “Southern Hemisphere First”.

Accounting, Aquaculture, Archaeology, Arts, Asian Studies, Banking and International Finance, Biotechnology, Business, Computer Science and Information Technology, Cultural Tourism, Development Studies, Drama and Film Studies, Economics, Ecotourism, Education, Engineering, Environmental Science and Management, Health, Hydrology and Water Resources, International Business and International Relations, Language, Legal Studies and Law, Marine Biology, Medicine, Meteorology, Nursing, Policy and Administration , Population Studies, Psychology, Administration, Science, Welfare, Speech Pathology and Hearing, Special Education and Disability Studies, Theology, Women’s Studies.


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