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Get A University of Greenwich Transcript Online. Greenwich — Greenwich University has five main campuses in London and Kent: Matem Greenwich. Buy University of Greenwich transcript, get University of Greenwich transcripts, order UK University transcripts online. buy University of Greenwich diplomas.

The University of Greenwich is full of vitality and is growing rapidly both in the UK and internationally. It has the appearance and taste of the old British universities, the style of modern universities and the development direction that meets the needs of the society. It has been widely recognized as a leader in the development of applied professions in British universities in 2000 and 2002. And was awarded the Queen’s Medal three times in 2007.

Each school district has a dorm and is a single-person study room with the latest equipment. The school ensures that every freshman can stay. The hostel is equipped with a free high-speed Internet (Malham Greenwich campus network charge), Avery Hill’s accommodation area, as well as a comprehensive store, bookstore, bar, dry cleaners and more.


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