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A Canadian visa is a procedure that is required for a foreign citizen to travel to Canada. Buy a Canadian visahow to get a Canadian visahow much for a visabuy Canadian diplomawhich website provides a visa. A visa (Visa) is a license issued by a government agency in accordance with national law to apply for entry or exit to foreigners in the country.

Upon request, all non-Canadian foreigners are required to collect biometric information if they apply for a Canadian short-term visit visa, work or study permit (except for US citizens), permanent residents or refugee asylum. Only children under the age of 14 and applicants over the age of 79 (refugee applicants do not have this age exemption), US visa holders transiting through Canada, visa-free travelers who travel to Canada as tourists, heads of state and government are exempt from Biometric information. Canadian biometric information is valid for 10 years from the date of collection.
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