Central American Second Passport Program

Central American Second Passport in about 1 to 12 weeks

If you are serious about expatriation and wish to obtain an excellent second passport offering near world-wide visa free travel, and avoids disclosing your primary nationality, here’s an extraordinary opportunity. IMO this is probably the best second passport and nationality on the market, bar none.

This is an extremely flexible program and offers many options we’re not at liberty to disclose to the general public. Please read the information below. If you’re serious and wish to peruse this second passport and nationality program, and you meet source’s proof of funds requirements [see below,] full details on the program plus all options available will be disclosed to you.

Rather than being a scare monger, Hydraz Organisation would be remiss if we didn’t bring this extraordinary opportunity to persons who are in earnest concerned about how their governments, at your expense, have and continue to deprive you of your privacy and civil liberties. The way we see it these matters aren’t soon to resolve themselves for the better; clearly they will continue to get worse.

The country is located in a well established and stable Central American nation. The program has been running for over 14 years now and many new citizens and passport holders have been much pleased with their new nationality and documents. In our opinion, this is one of the best value for money today in securing a second nationality and passport that are in all the computer data bases in the host country; comes from a government source, has all the additional bells and whistles and has been time tested and proven to be hassle free.

It also offers very good visa free entry to most of the world’s countries. The Country offers good visa free conditions offering visa free travel to ALL of the European Union and most of the world excluding North America.

A name change is possible under certain conditions. The passport is valid for five years and is renewable thereafter at any of the countries embassies around the world at a small cost. Another very important consideration is that your new nationality is NOT reported to your home country.

No matter what your legitimate reasons for seeking second citizenship, and there are many, you won’t find a better deal, especially for families.

Please note – no bad guys need apply, for you will be screened out. That said in the event you have a previous record or a criminal conviction, let us know the circumstances. There may be mitigating conditions where a waiver may be possible.

The time frame from start to finish is about 1 to 12 weeks from the time we receive your application, photos, fingerprints, and payment in full.

All fees are payable in advance to Hydraz Organisation’s bank account of our selection. Note that Hydraz Organisation holds ALL funds in our bank account, less some advance legal fees, acting as the escrow agent for you and the issuing source, until we receive confirmed and verifiable copies of all your documents. These are emailed to you for your perusal as well. Then and only then do we release funds to source in order to dispatch your documents to anywhere in the world you instruct.

Copies of your items are scanned and emailed to you prior to dispatch. Once dispatched, the proof of sending is then emailed to you for your perusal.

Alternatively, you may elect to have the necessary documents dispatched to you and you take them to the countries nearest embassy and have them issue your passport for you.

In either case your documents and passport are 100% verifiable. Full details come with your approved means or proof of funds.

Our source for this program have proven themselves in a trustworthy and exemplary fashion over many years.

Look over the information material and if this is for you, get back to us at with your proof of funds (POF.) Your means of POF can be a bank statement less than 2 months old clearly showing your name as it appears on your passport and in an amount exceeding the cost of this program. For privacy considerations you should white our your account number and address before submitting your POF.

There are alternative methods for proof of funds, e.g. if your funds are in a company account, etc. Email for particulars.

Once your POF are accepted, we will be forward you our bank wire particulars as well as your application and full details to the immigration source for processing.

Please note: Due to contractual agreement and in order to maintain the integrity of this program, we are unable to disclose the name of the country until we receive, and your POF are accepted.

POF can be in the form of a recent bank statement (less than two months old) clearly showing you have on deposit an amount in excess of the amount necessary to acquire this program, i.e. Euro 45,000 or more or the USD/GBP/ equivalent.

For security concerns you should white out your name and account number. Sorry there are no exceptions for the POF requirement.

The Central American Passport Particulars

Dear Potential Client,

Find the info material for the 2nd nationality with name change possible. The Country offers good visa free conditions offering visa free travel to ALL of the European Union and most of the world excluding North America.

The cost is Euro 8,000 for the first adult. Spouse [must have the same last name] is discounted if ordered and paid for at the time of initial ordering; Your spouse’s cost is Euro 5,500.


Your program includes a letter from immigration that states that the person/s has completed the requirements for naturalization and the document and is therefore granted with words to that effect. It is in Spanish and stamped by the immigration department.

The documents can be authenticated in any manner of your choosing as they are registered in the nations computers.

This program also includes the new biometric passport and national ID card and local drivers license plus an exit stamp placed in your document if you desire. However do note; this country DOES NOT normally place any exit stamp in passports when persons depart this country.

Your documents are delivered via special registered post handling service to any name and address you desire worldwide.

This might be your best value for money today. No visit to the country required. If you would like to proceed and move forward after reading the attached, contact us at our e-mail address. All funds are held by ourselves in our bank account until document secured with the exception of a few thousands dollars for the local solicitors (attorneys,) to start the process.

This is a truly fine program which has proven its credibility well in the course of the past years. Hundreds of PTs the world over have made use of this opportunity to get a bona fide second (or third) citizenship along with an alternative (banking) identity to protect their assets from Big Brother’s tax-sharks and other unsavory entities.

We simply can’t do ’em all ourselves!


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