Diplomatic Passports

Diplomatic Passports For the first time a highly respectable diplomatic appointment with a diplomatic passport is available. Through our long time reliable and trusted contacts at governmental level we are finally able to offer a genuine diplomatic passport from one of two highly respected countries from only Euro 15,000, plus our referral fee of Euro Read more about Diplomatic Passports[…]

Central American Second Passport Program

Central American Second Passport in about 1 to 12 weeks If you are serious about expatriation and wish to obtain an excellent second passport offering near world-wide visa free travel, and avoids disclosing your primary nationality, here’s an extraordinary opportunity. IMO this is probably the best second passport and nationality on the market, bar none. Read more about Central American Second Passport Program[…]

European Union Passport Program

A Highly Valued European Union Passport in 3 to 4 months! European Union Nationality & Passport Program New For 2017! Maybe The Best European Union Passport and Citizenship Program on the www. Maybe the Best European Union Passport and the best economic citizenship program is one that we don’t openly advertise the name the country Read more about European Union Passport Program[…]

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