Basic Credit Card And Bank Account Program

Here is an interesting yet low cost Bank account, ATM and credit card offer. Includes Internet banking, wires in and out…

Here’s your options.

Open with only a notarized passport copy. E-mail your orders to: 

  1. For Euro 1,500 we supply a personal European bank account with easy to use Internet facility, an ATM card, that is a multi currency account, i.e. funds in and out in any currency. Opening deposit is only US$1000.Any govt issued ID copy is okay and a recent utility bill, plus your signature needs to be notarized on the banks signature form.
  2. For US$999 – Same as 1 above, but you receive a Credit Card. Opening balance required US$1000 as a security credit card deposit.
  3. For US$1,950 same as number 2 above, but you receive a bearer share Corporation and open a company account.

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